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About Us

All forms of art are accepted here. We :heart: art. Anything that is the product of your creativity, whether it be photography, painting, drawings, jewelry making, movie making, love making, we want it here, if you're willing to share. :sheepish:

The more you share, the more others can salivate over your work!

The standards are high - please aim to send us your best work.
We do not accept images of children, this includes anyone that looks to us that they are under 18.
We love tasteful nude images, but please don't send us lewd images, such as those that resemble pornography.
Bondage and kink images must be very subtle to be accepted.
No obvious HDR images.
No images that are discriminatory, disrespectful or offensive.
No horror or overtly negative images.
No Fan Art
And please no images covered in logos and distracting watermarks.



About Us

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